Wellness Plans

Ashley Ballew DVM holding four puppies

Introducing our Wellness Plans in Canton, GA: The best care for your pet, peace of mind, and an overall savings!

Our team at Riverstone Animal Hospital are very excited about our Pet Wellness Plans! We have listened to your feedback and adjusted our plans to give you more options and value.

Our Wellness Plans are a packaged set of wellness services provided to your pet over the course of a year. The services included vary based on your preference and your pet's needs. The benefit to you is that you have the option of equal monthly payments to help you plan and budget, as well as unlimited free office visits for your pet over the course of the year. As an additional benefit you also receive a discount off non-included medical services such as medications, lab work, or treatment in case of illness.

With plans that include unlimited office visits, we truly hope to help pet owners access the essential health care their furry loved ones need.

These plans are not pet insurance – they are a prepackaged set of wellness services with the option of spreading the cost out over 12 equal monthly payments. We invite you to find out more about how these plans could be a convenient solution for your family. We also offer plan discounts for enrolling multiple pets.

Each Wellness Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited office visits and examinations – these are actual appointments with the vet, not just "drop-off" visits
  • All needed vaccinations
  • Heartworm screening (if over 4 months)
  • Intestinal parasite testing twice yearly
  • Comprehensive blood and urine screening (adult plans)
  • Adolescent plans include spay/neuter and heartworm prevention
  • 5% discount on most other medical services

Specific Wellness Plan Options:

  • Adult dogs and cats
  • Add-on option for heartworm prevention (dogs) and complete parasite control (cats)
  • Pets in need of dental care

Frequently Answered Questions about our Wellness Plans:

What is a Wellness Plan and is it pet insurance?
Why should my pet be on a plan?
Are any services not included in the plans?
Is there a discount for multiple pets?

Yes. If you have two or more pets on a Wellness Plan, you receive half off the $49 enrollment fee.

Is it possible to cancel my plan?

All of our plans are annual agreements, which allow for you to pay for your services interest free over a 12-month period. You may cancel at the time of annual renewal by calling us at least 7 days prior to the renewal date. Canceling prior to the annual renewal is only possible in the case of an out-of-county move or should a pet pass away. In this case you have two options: You can either pay the actual retail value of your plan services that you have used up to the cancellation date, or you can chose to pay the remainder of your plan’s monthly payments, whichever is less.

What is the difference between the plans and which is best for my pet?

The services included in each plan are outlined in the brochures, which you can download and review. Which package you choose depends a lot on your personal preferences and budget, as well as the age, breed, and lifestyle of your pet. For example, a small breed dog may benefit from the dentistry option as small dogs are more prone to periodontal disease. For advice on which plan may be best for your pet please feel free to contact our office anytime and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.