Spay and Neuter

All-Inclusive, High-Quality Spay and Neuter for Dogs and Cats in Canton, GA

As part of our commitment to keeping animals in our community healthy, we offer spay and neuter surgeries for pets with all the necessary safety and pain management protocols included. This ensures the highest level of care for your companion, and a more comfortable and swift recovery in the days following their procedure.

Our goal is to put your mind at ease about your pet’s surgery and give your canine or feline family member the happy, healthy life they deserve.

To discuss your pet’s spay/neuter options or set up an appointment, call us today at (770) 479-7141.

Cat and Dog Neuter and Spay in Canton, GA
cat after neuter procedure

How We Provide the Best Care for Your Pet

Our doctors and staff take every precaution to minimize risks during spay and neuter surgeries.

All the services we provide to increase your pet’s safety and comfort include:

  • Pre-anesthetic examination to evaluate your pet’s health
  • Pre-operative bloodwork to screen for underlying illness and assess organ function
  • IV catheter placement for swift administration of warmed electrolyte fluids and medications
  • Isoflurane anesthesia
  • Circulating air heating blanket to maintain your pet’s body temperature
  • Effective pre- and post-operative pain control
  • Complete monitoring throughout surgery and during the recovery period
  • Recheck visit 10 days post-op to assess healing and remove sutures as needed

Requirements for Cat and Dog Neuter and Spay Surgeries

Your pet’s safety is our highest priority. Before they can undergo their spay or neuter procedure, they need to be healthy and up-to-date with their vaccinations.

Our vaccine requirements for dogs and cats include:

  • Rabies, DHPP, and kennel cough vaccines (dogs)
  • Rabies and FVRCP vaccines (cats)

If needed, please provide us with proof of your pet’s vaccinations prior to their surgery. We are also happy to review your pet’s medical history to check their vaccination status and help you schedule an appropriate surgery date.

Furthermore, our spay and neuter services are intended for healthy dogs and cats. If your pet has an underlying condition or is over the age at which we typically recommend spaying and neutering, they may require a more involved pre-surgical workup and additional surgery time to increase their safety. Conditions such as obesity, being in heat, having had multiple litters, having a heart murmur, or even being highly fractious and/or aggressive require that we perform an exam to determine the best course of care.

dog neuter in canton, ga

Contact Us if You Have Any Questions or Concerns

Ultimately, we want you to be comfortable about entrusting your pet to us for their spay or neuter procedure. Please visit us any time to speak with our team and see our practice in person! We also invite you to call us at (770) 479-7141 if you have any concerns or questions. Our team will do everything possible to keep you informed and at ease while your companion is in our care.