Preventive Care

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Wellness Exams for Pets in Canton, GA

The goal of wellness care at Riverstone Animal Hospital is to prevent illness and give you choices in caring for your pet. Optimal wellness care involves comprehensive wellness exams, vaccinesinternal and external parasite control, and proper nutrition. The care involved should be tailored to your pet’s individual needs, lifestyle, and your goals as your pet’s owner. In order to accommodate the needs of our clients, we offer several different wellness care options. For more information and pricing, please view the services below.

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Pet Wellness Examination & Animal Hospital Visit

A comprehensive wellness exam of your pet is the cornerstone of effective wellness care. It involves a thorough history, a nose-to-tail examination, and a consultation with you to address any questions or concerns, both physical and behavioral.

In addition, we also offer diagnostic tests, wellness screenings, and vaccinations, depending on your pet’s age and lifestyle. We are also pleased to offer our all-inclusive Wellness Plans, which are comprehensive wellness packages offered at a convenient monthly fee that allow you to budget for your pet’s care and benefit from additional savings. To learn more about our canine and feline wellness services, click on the headers below.

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