Cat & Dog Endoscopy

Cat and Dog Endoscopy in Canton, GA

Many of us may be familiar with endoscopy from our own experiences, either from an upper GI to evaluate the esophagus, stomach, and small bowel, or through colonoscopy. At Riverstone Animal Hospital, we provide this same service for your pets to help us diagnose and treat many disorders of the GI tract, and potentially help them avoid surgery in the process.

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What is Endoscopy?

An endoscope is a long flexible tube with a small camera at the end. This allows us to see areas of the digestive tract and other areas of the body that are inaccessible to us, or would otherwise require surgery to examine. Endoscopy can give us a visual of abnormalities such as masses, ulcers, and even foreign objects that your pet might have swallowed. We can also pass small instruments through the endoscope to remove foreign material or obtain biopsies from the stomach, small intestine, colon, and the back of the throat or nasal passages.

Indications for Cat and Dog Endoscopy in Canton, GA

Endoscopy might be necessary to investigate health problems such as:

Dog Endoscopy Scan in Canton, GA

What to Expect with Your Pet’s Endoscopic Procedure

Compared to standard surgery, endoscopy is extremely gentle on our patients and leaves them with no sutures, no discomfort, and no activity restrictions following anesthesia. Endoscopic procedures can generally be performed under a light “twilight” anesthesia, instead of the deeper anesthesia that is required for surgery.

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