Puppy and Kitten Packages

Dog and cat sleeping together

Puppy & Kitten  Flat-Fee Visits in Canton

Everything your puppy or kitten needs in convenient, flat-fee visits.

Just as with people, the first year of a puppy or kitten’s life requires multiple visits to the veterinarian. The goal is to monitor proper growth, detect any congenital issues, establish proper immunity, eliminate parasites, and assure that you have a well-behaved family member.

In order to make this important first step more affordable for you, we have created our Puppy and Kitten Flat-Fee Visits. These allow you to pay one flat fee for each of your new family member’s 3-4 vet visits during their first year of life. The services included in each visit are outlined below.

Puppy Services & Schedule

Kitten Services & Schedule