Dog and Cat Allergies in Canton, GA

Dog and Cat Allergy Treatments in Canton

Does your pet seem to be itching and scratching like there’s no tomorrow? Is he shaking his ears or having smelly discharge? The underlying cause could be cat and dog allergies! Similar to humans, our pets can become highly sensitive to certain things in their environment, be they allergens, pollens, grasses, or parasites. The difference is that while our bodies react by releasing histamine and causing hay fever, pets react by becoming inflamed and itchy, especially in their ears, paws, and around the rear end.

The key to pet dermatology is being able to detect and treat them before they become more severe and cause secondary infections, such as bacterial and yeast infections of the skin, ears, and paws. The Southeast, including Georgia, is the area of the US most affected by not only seasonal allergies but also skin parasites such as fleas, ticks, and various mites.

At Riverstone Animal Hospital, we see pets for seasonal allergies and various other skin and ear problems on a regular basis. We’re well-equipped to help you and your pet find relief and keep their condition under control with dog and cat allergy treatments.

Conditions We Commonly Treat

  • Chronic ear infections
  • Ear mites
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Flea allergic dermatitis
  • Hot spots
  • Lick granulomas

Making a Clear Diagnosis

If your pet has red, irritated skin, smelly ears, bald patches, dandruff, or is chewing at their feet, call (770) 479-7141 to make an appointment with your veterinarian. We need to examine your pet and run possible diagnostics to correctly identify their condition. There are several different methods we use to diagnose your pet’s underlying skin condition, including:

  • Blood testing
  • Skin scraping
  • Skin cytology
  • Ear diagnostics
  • Fungal cultures

Helping Your Pet Find Relief

At Riverstone Animal Hospital, we go above and beyond basic pet care. We work hard to exceed your expectations by delivering the highest quality veterinary care and customer service. Our goal is to partner with you in managing your pet’s health and to provide support whenever you and your pet need us.

We offer our patients personalized care that’s perfectly suited to their needs. Our animal hospital in Canton is staffed with a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly pet care professionals. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-term client, you and your pet will be treated with the respect, care, and compassion that you deserve.

Pet Allergy Appointment

Antihistamines and Dog and Cat Allergies

While antihistamines such as Benadryl and Zyrtec work great in people, they only have minimal benefit in pets as histamine does not cause much of the symptoms we see in dogs and cats. For the longest time we used primarily steroids such as cortisone in treating allergies, which led to frequent unwanted side effects. Fortunately, we now have two great products available just for cats and dogs in treating itchiness caused by allergies.

One is an oral medication called Apoquel, which treats a broad spectrum of allergies, and the other is an injection that is not a medication at all, but rather a monoclonal antibody, which is a safe, naturally-occurring substance of the body that combats the symptoms of allergies. This injection is called Cytopoint and typically lasts for 4-6 weeks. It is more specific for seasonal, inhalant type of allergies.

Whether your pet has a food allergy, flea allergic dermatitis, ear mites or ringworm, we’ll work with you to find the safest and most effective solution. This may include oral medication, antibiotics, supplements and/or medicated shampoo and conditioner.

If your pet is showing noticeable signs of discomfort and you suspect an allergy or infection, please call (770) 479-7141 to request an appointment. The sooner we can treat your pet, the sooner they can recover.