Dog Boarding in Canton, GA

Pet Boarding for Dogs and Cats in Canton The Inn at Riverstone Animal Hospital

"The Inn" at Riverstone Animal Hospital offers high quality, home-like pet boarding for dog and cat guests. We have several options ranging from luxury to basic. Regardless of where your pet stays, we will do everything in our power to make him feel relaxed and at home. Our emphasis on our dog and cat boarding environment is to provide a smaller number of enclosures that allow for more individualized care for all our guests.

In addition to cat and dog boarding, we also offer boarding of small exotic pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. For exotic pets, you do need to provide your own enclosure for their boarding stay.

Special Needs and Geriatric Pet Boarding

Our smaller number of enclosures allows us to provide individualized care for pets with special needs and medical conditions, such as seniors, diabetics, and pets needing extra peace and quiet. At the Inn at Riverstone Animal Hospital, your special companion will enjoy one-on-one care from a medically trained staff member.

We thoroughly detail your pet's time with us by keeping a daily written log of your pet’s eating and elimination habits. Any concerns we have or changes we notice are brought to the attention of our veterinary staff,  so we can address any potential problems right away. Additionally, our trained medical staff can administer medications or any other specialized care as needed. 

Vet with a pet while dog boarding

Cat Boarding in Canton

Luxury Cat Boarding

We offer 8 Feline Luxury Boarding Suites. The cat boarding suites are in their own enclosed room with viewing windows to the Celebration Garden. Each suite also overlooks the front lobby so the cats can watch the happenings in the animal hospital and have people contact at all times during our opening hours.

The cat boarding suites provide several platforms for rest and play as many cats feel more secure in a high place. The condos are outfitted with soft sleeping cushions, designer food bowls, and covered litter boxes for privacy. The suites have glass windows and doors for a more home-like atmosphere.

Your cat’s stay in our luxury suites includes a daily minimum 1 hour playtime in the cat playroom. We also have a variety of play toys to entertain your cat family member.

Cat Play Room

The cat play room is available for our cat boarding guests. It features a floor-to-ceiling climbing tree to provide your cat the opportunity to exercise, play, or simply rest and watch the birds and butterflies in the garden. The two large glass windows overlook the pet celebration garden and bird feeders and allow for plenty of sunny spots for your kitty. Playtime in the play room is included when your cat boards in our luxury suites. The playtimes are at least one hour long.

The cat playroom is available only to cats current on core vaccinations. It is regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Basic Cat Boarding

We also offer a basic cat boarding option for cats in our feline hospital ward. The ward features single condos of about 2X3 feet. If space allows, several of these condos can be combined to give your cat more room. The feline ward has a large window overlooking the woods and is not accessible to dogs.

Cat boarder enjoying time in the cat playroom

Dog Boarding in Canton

Luxury Dog Boarding Suites

The four Luxury Suites are our most luxurious boarding accommodations for dogs and are individually themed for areas or places in Georgia. They are the Coca Cola™ Suite, the Botanical Gardens Suite, the Georgia Coast Suite, and the Georgia Mountains Suite.

Each dog boarding suite is approximately six by six feet in size and features porcelain tile accented walls, a window, ceiling fan, private TV, elevated feeder, and a luxury elevated KurandaTM bed. Your pet’s stay in one of our suites will also include a daily play time in the enclosed exercise yard, three daily exercise walks, and a spa bath depending on length of stay. In the summer time we also offer water play with kiddie pools. Multiple dogs can board together in the same suite.

Dog Luxury Runs

Our animal hospital has nine luxury runs. These spacious runs all have lots of natural light, glass doors with privacy panels, a common TV/DVD player, and KurandaTM elevated beds with sheep skin covers. The runs are approximately 2 1/2 by 5 foot in size. Two smaller dogs can board in the same run, but larger dogs generally need their own run to have enough space.

Your dog’s boarding stay includes three daily exercise walks in our secure fenced-in play area, and a spa bath depending on length of stay. You also have the option of adding individual playtimes for your pet.

Basic Dog Boarding in Canton

The basic runs and mini-suites provide another spacious dog boarding option for your pet. The runs vary in size from 3×5 to 5×5 feet and are designed for larger dogs and multiple pets. The mini-suites are 3×3 feet in size and are designed for dogs under 50 lbs. The runs and suites are constructed of a warmer, quiet synthetic material rather than colder steel and have large metal doors. These enclosures are located in our canine ward.

Each enclosure features ample natural light via the large window overlooking the woods, individual feeders, and soft bedding that is changed daily. Your pet’s stay includes three exercise walks daily in our fenced-in play area and you have the option of adding a daily playtime or a spa bath.

Dog Boarding Play Yard

Our fenced-in exercise and play yard is available to all of our boarding dog guests. This secure area provides a safe place for your dogs to run and play when staying with us. Your dog can be off-leash here and we provide a variety of play toys as well. During the warm months of the year we will be able to offer kiddie pool time to our boarding pets in this area.

Rather than the customary concrete or gravel that is often used for sanitary reasons, we opted for a unique synthetic turf in this area to help your pets feel more at home. The K9 Grass® is an antimicrobial artificial turf specifically designed for dogs. It provides a soft, cushy play space as well as helps to contribute to preserving our precious water supply as it needs no watering. It can be completely sanitized with a biodegradable cleanser as needed.