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About Riverstone Animal Hospital in Canton

Riverstone Animal Hospital began as a vision of Drs. Greg and Simone Nutt while they were still students in veterinary school. At that time their family included three cats and two dogs. Their goal was to establish a veterinary hospital that not only provides excellent medical care for pets but also cares for and enriches the lives of the people who own them. The doctors felt very strongly that their personal mission involved two things: Being a pet health care provider but also being a source of support and education for pet owners. The doctors spent a combined 11 years listening to pet owners, pet care experts, and gathering experience at five different veterinary facilities, before starting their own practice.

Riverstone Animal Hospital opened its doors in July of 2002 with a small staff of only 3 people. We spent our first six years in a leased facility across Riverstone Plaza. From there we have grown to a team of over 17 pet care professionals, and in August of 2008 we were proud to move into our current freestanding facility. With twice the space and a significantly improved and expanded medical and boarding facility, our new home allows us to care for you and your pets in a better way and offer additional diagnostic and educational services. Our vision, however, has remained unchanged: To provide a place where you and your pet are compassionately cared for, genuinely respected, and you are welcomed and supported as an active participant in your friend’s care.

Simone Nutt DVM and her dog

Pet owners face a challenging task. Keeping up with rapidly evolving wellness options, providing optimal nutrition and training, as well as recognizing early symptoms of illness, are all important issues in optimizing your pet’s health and longevity. Our team at Riverstone Animal Hospital strives to be your advocate and source of support in managing your pet’s health.

We start by building a trusted relationship with you and your pet. This includes getting to know you and your friend and inviting you to get to know our facility and pet care team. We take the time to listen to your concerns and thoroughly inform you about all aspects of your pet’s care. We strive to know your goals in caring for your pet and establish open communication about your pet’s care.

Every recommendation we make is based on the goal of keeping your four-legged friend as healthy as possible and preventing future medical problems. In the event of illness we stand by your side in helping you make the best possible decisions about your pet’s care and keeping you involved in his recovery. The quality of life of our patients is always our primary motivation in recommending treatment. In addition, we strive to help you optimize your relationship with your pet by addressing non-medical issues such as behavior, training, and grooming.

We invite your comments at any time. Unlike many other facilities, we encourage you to be an active participant in your pet’s healthcare and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We continually strive to better meet the needs of you and your pet, and your feedback is an integral part in this process.


The Pet Care Team at Riverstone Animal Hospital