Why is My Dog Shedding So Much in Canton, GA?

Most dogs shed to some degree all year long. Some dog breeds have a more pronounced shedding season than others which is quite normal for their breed. However, if your dog seems to always be shedding and their coat does not look healthy, you might need to consider that their shedding is a sign that something is wrong with their health.

There are some very normal reasons that your dog will shed each year, but dogs should not shed in large quantities all year long. Taking your dog to the vet can be a great idea if they are shedding more than you think they should be. If your pet is shedding so much related to a health concern, the sooner they get treatment, the better.

dog shedding in canton, ga


Normal Seasonal Shedding

As mentioned before, all dogs shed their haircoat as the season changes. In some breeds, this will be much less obvious than in others. Long-haired dogs or dogs with an undercoat might shed twice a year in large quantities as the seasons change. Shorter-coated dogs have a shedding season, but many pet owners do not notice this shedding season due to their pet’s shorter hair coat.

Normal shedding should be completed within a couple of weeks. Dogs can shed a significant amount during this period of time, but they should not do so for a long time. If you notice that your dog’s seasonal shedding patterns seem to have changed or that they have bald spots, you need to take them to the veterinarian to be looked at.


Dogs can be very sensitive to flea bites, and some pets will start shedding when they are infested with these little pests. Fleas cause skin irritation which can make your dog inclined to groom excessively. Some dogs will scratch all the time at their itchy skin, while others will rip out their own hair with their teeth as they try and scratch at flea bites.

Fleas are often very visible if you simply pull back your dog’s hair and examine their belly or the areas behind their ears and around their collar. If you see flea dirt on the skin or actual fleas hopping around, you will need to make sure that you visit the vet and get flea medication for your pet. Regular flea baths might also be needed for a couple of weeks to eliminate all the adult fleas in your pet’s coat and any eggs that hatch during treatment.

Fungal or Bacterial Infections

Pets that have fungal or bacterial skin infections might also lose a lot of hair all year long. You will usually also notice skin irritation, and your pet might smell quite bad as well. If your dog is grooming intensely or picking at their skin or the skin looks unhealthy and inflamed, you will need to head to the vet. Fungal infections can be much harder to eradicate than bacterial infections, but your vet can help you to manage both kinds of skin health issues.

Pets with these kinds of skin infections might need to be placed on a new diet and tested for things like thyroid problems or other kinds of systemic health issues. Make sure as well that you keep your pet’s coat dry and as clean as possible, even in the winter, to avoid these kinds of skin health challenges.

Anxiety and Stress

Pets that have suffered a big change in their life or that are stressed about something like a new animal in the home might start shedding due to being anxious or fearful. Not every dog is prone to this problem, but stress of various kinds can make dogs shed. You might notice a mild version of this issue if you have friends over and your dog gets very nervous about new people in the home.

This kind of shedding usually resolves on its own, but if it does not, you will need to treat your dog to manage their anxiety. Long-term stress and anxiety is bad for your pet’s overall health, but there are many good treatment options to help your pet feel better and less worried.

Dog Shedding Can be Caused by Many Things

Dog shedding can be caused by a lot of different kinds of things. Your dog might be stressed, they might be allergic to something, they could have fleas or parasites, or they might just be shedding due to the change in the seasons. If you think that your dog is shedding more than they should, don’t hesitate to take your dog to the vet. Your vet can help to identify problems with your pet’s health that require treatment, and they can put your mind at ease about your dog’s excessive shedding if it is a normal process.

A dog groomer can be a big help if you are tired of your dog’s intense shedding related to the seasons. Make sure that you don’t neglect your dog’s coat if you are not prepared to help them to shed out their winter or summer coat each year.

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