How to Make Your Cat’s Vet Visit Less Stressful in Canton, GA

Do you have a cat who becomes stressed out when she has to go to the vet? Many cats hate a vet visit even more than other pets, and it can be extremely challenging for the cat and owner both in these situations.

It’s important to know what you can do to help your cat feel less stressed when you need to take her to the vet. In this article, we’ll explain some of the most important steps you can take to improve your cat’s vet visit in Canton, GA. Although she may never truly enjoy her trips to the vet, you can help your cat stay as calm as possible regardless. Read on to learn more.

Vet Visit in Canton, GA


Choose the Best Cat Carrier

Start with the best carrier for your cat. Some cats may feel more comfortable in smaller, more compact carriers, while others like room to move around. You should choose a hard shell carrier in almost every situation for the safety of your cat while traveling with her in the car.

If you have questions about the right carrier for your cat’s needs, be sure to ask your veterinarian in Canton, GA. Your vet can usually recommend the best carrier for your individual cat in terms of her size, weight, age, temperament, and much more, so this is a great resource to work with.

Familiarize Your Cat with the Carrier

Cats may become afraid of their carriers when they only associate the carrier with time in the car. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep your cat’s carrier out in the house somewhere at all times, rather than stored away where she never sees or encounters it.

Some cat owners keep their cats’ carriers in a spare room, tucked out of the way but not completely hidden. If you do this, you may choose to put a blanket or some other comfortable item in your cat’s carrier so she can feel more at ease if she chooses to go inside it.

Play Soft Music in the Car

Cats who are nervous about riding in the car may feel better if you play soft music on the radio while you’re driving them to the vet. Don’t play anything too heavy or loud; you may want to invest in a classical music album for use when driving your cat to and from her vet visits in Canton, GA.

The car ride may also be more comfortable for your cat if another member of the family sits in the back seat near her carrier. She may feel more at ease when she can see someone she recognizes and smell familiar scents, but this may not work for every cat either.

Ask About Alternative Waiting Rooms

Some cats may become more stressed by the waiting room at their vet visit than any other part of the experience. If this is true of your cat, ask the vet ahead of time if you can sit in an alternative waiting room until your cat’s turn.

Certified Feline Friendly Practices, offer designated waiting rooms for cats along with many other benefits for your cat’s comfort. Riverstone Animal Hospital, a Certified Feline Friendly Practice, offers designated cat waiting areas, cat-only exam rooms, pheromone diffusers, and other established practices to make vet visits smooth and less stressful. The team at Riverstone Animal Hospital provides a pheromone scented blanket to put over the carrier, and a cat-only exam room so cats can explore and not be exposed to dogs and other offensive scents and noises.

Some vets in Canton, GA may also allow owners with nervous cats to sit out in the car and wait for their name to be called. However, you should always request this ahead of time, as some animal hospitals may not be equipped to call owners who are waiting in their cars in every situation.

Refrain from Feeding Your Cat Beforehand

It’s best not to feed your cat for at least an hour before your need to take her for her vet visit. This way, she will not risk vomiting from her fear and anxiety as easily as she would otherwise. If she does not soil herself in her carrier, she may feel more at ease as well.

Your vet may instruct you otherwise, depending on what your cat’s health condition is and why she is visiting the vet. Be sure to ask ahead of time to determine whether or not you need to feed your cat before her visit.

Consider Medication

If all else fails, you may choose to talk to your vet about medication for your cat. She may require an anxiety medication before vet visits in Canton, GA, or she may need to go on an antidepressant all the time if she has other issues surrounding anxiety.

Never medicate your cat without express instruction from your vet to do so. This can be very dangerous for your cat.

Find What Works for Your Cat’s Vet Visit in Canton, GA

Did you find something you can use for your cat’s fear and anxiety surrounding vet visits? Some of these suggestions may work for certain cats while others will not, and it’s important to take your time testing them all to see which ones work best for your feline friend.

With some patience and a little trial and error, you should be able to figure out the best way to help your cat remain calm on vet visits. Keep this information in mind moving forward to give yourself the best chance at success. If you have questions about your cat’s vet visit, don’t hesitate to call Riverstone Animal Hospital, yourGold-Certified Cat Friendly Practice in Canton, GA, at (770) 479-7141!