Why is My Dog Sneezing in Canton, GA?

Dog sneezing can be related to a variety of different problems. It is not a major concern if your dog only sneezes once in a while, but if your dog is sneezing all the time, you might need to figure out what is causing their discomfort. Sneezing is never fun for anyone, and in dogs that are sick, it can be quite messy as well.

Sneezing can be caused by allergies, illness, and other problems, and you will want to take a dog that is sneezing all the time to a vet to have them looked at. Having the help of a veterinarian can make all the difference in resolving your dog’s sneezing issue and treating any underlying conditions that might be causing it.

dog sneezing in canton, ga


5 Possible Reasons That Dogs Sneeze

If you want to know more about why your dog is sneezing, you need to read on!

1. Allergies

Just like people, dogs can have seasonal allergies or be allergic to environmental allergens in their homes. They might also become allergic to their food. Eliminating the item that is causing the allergic reaction can be tough, but your vet can help you to shift your dog onto an allergy-friendly food and can prescribe medications to help with seasonal allergens.

If you think that your dog is allergic to a product that you are using in your home, you can slowly eliminate cleaning products and laundry products until you see an improvement in their symptoms. It can take time to find the root cause of allergic sneezing, but it is possible in most cases to resolve the issue when the offending item has been identified.

2. Foreign Object in Nose

Dogs are always smelling things, and it is more common than you might think for a dog to inhale something like plant debris or a blade of grass. This foreign matter in the nose can lead to sneezing and even symptoms like bleeding from the nose. Dogs that are allowed to play in tall grass are more likely to experience this reason for sneezing, but any dog could potentially inhale something that can become lodged in their nasal passages.

Your dog’s nose is a very sensitive part of their body, and you should not try to remove an object that has gotten stuck in their nose. Make sure that you take your pet to the veterinarian to have any foreign object safely removed so that no nasal tissues are damaged during the removal. Dogs often do not appreciate having someone try to remove items from their nose, so sedation might be needed to safely complete this process.

3. Nasal Tumor

In rare cases, your dog might be sneezing because there is a tumor growing in their nasal passages. These tumors do not have to be cancerous and could be benign, but both kinds of tumors can cause irritation that leads to sneezing. Your dog might also show other symptoms when a tumor is the reason for their sneezing, like bleeding from the nose or wheezing and coughing.

Nasal tumors almost always necessitate surgery, and your vet will need to assess the extent of the tumor’s growth into your dog’s nasal passages.

4. Dental Issues

Dogs that have tooth infections can have a sinus infection as well. Sinus pain can lead to sneezing, as can discharge that is collecting in your dog’s sinuses. Dental issues that cause sneezing almost always are accompanied by very bad breath and a snotty nose. If your dog also has stopped eating or seems lethargic, it is possible that your dog’s sneezing is a sign of something more serious.

Make sure that you have your dog looked at if they are showing these symptoms, along with sneezing. Your vet can examine them and x-ray their head to see if there is an extensive dental issue that is leading to the sneezing problem. You can brush your dog’s teeth each day to help prevent this issue, but sometimes broken teeth and other issues can lead to sneezing problems even with proper dental care.

5. Upper Respiratory Infections

Dogs can get colds just like people, and if your dog goes to the kennel when you are away from home or to dog daycare, a simple cold might be the reason for your dog’s sneezing. There are more serious respiratory conditions that can lead to sneezing as well, so a visit to the vet is always a good idea if you think your dog might have an illness.

Vaccinated dogs are not that likely to get respiratory infections, but it can still happen. Just like with people, if this is the reason your dog is sneezing, some time and rest will take care of the issue. Make sure that you provide your dog with lots of water to drink, and you keep track of their temperature if possible while they are sick.

Dog Sneezing Can be Caused by Many Things

If your dog is sneezing, you might need to take them to the vet. There are many reasons that your dog might sneeze, and you could need some help to figure out what the root cause of your dog’s sneezing is. Your vet will be able to rule out common health risks that could cause this problem, and they can also help you to eliminate allergens and other causes of your dog’s sneezing symptoms.

Dogs can get colds, but most of the time, dog sneezing is related to something more serious like allergies or something that is lodged in their nose. Making sure that you are paying attention to other symptoms like a fever or nasal discharge can help your vet to diagnose the reasons for your dog’s sneezing fits. Helping your dog to stop sneezing is important to that they can be happy and comfortable every day and to prevent the possibility that they will make other animals in your home sick.

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