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Spay & Neuter

Lower Cost, All-Inclusive, and High Quality

As part of our commitment to serving our local community, we have developed our low cost spay and neuter services. This service is designed to give local pet owners a higher quality and safer alternative to the low cost clinics already available. Instead of sacrificing important measures such as blood screening, intravenous fluids, pain medication, and advanced surgical monitoring, we have chosen to keep providing the same high quality care but drastically lower the cost to our clients as part of our community service efforts.

When evaluating a facility for your pet’s upcoming surgery there are several things that should be considered. Please take a moment to review the information below. Our goal is for you to be aware of any risks and benefits and for your pet to receive the safest and best care.

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Spay & Neuter Package Fees:

Details and Restrictions

Affordable Spay and Neuter in Canton


You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for taking care of Kiki.

-Lanitra W.