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Pet Dental Care

Many misconceptions exist about dental care in pets. Unlike in people, dental care in pets is less of a cosmetic procedure and much more a medical treatment that prevents pain and disease later in life.

It is very important that you educate yourself before your pet undergoes any dental procedure. Cleaning the tartar from the parts of the teeth above the gum line is only a very small part of dental care in pets and does nothing to address the deeper areas below the gum line and the roots of the teeth, which is where infection and disease primarily occur. While many facilities offer "teeth cleanings" for a very low fee, you often get very little benefit for your money as your pet's overall health is not improved and can actually be endangered by improper protocol.

Abscesses are one such hidden problem that can be caused by predisposing factors in pets, and can often go undetected if these factors are ignored. While dentistry generally involves teeth cleanings above and below the gum line, there are other issues we need to take into account as well. To learn more, see Spud’s case.

Riverstone Animal Hospital follows the guidelines established by the American Veterinary Dental College to give your pet the health benefit of quality dental care: Professional cleaning under properly monitored anesthesia, X-ray evaluation of all the teeth and surrounding structures, treatment of areas below the gum line, and, if needed, the ability to perform oral surgery to remove infected or damaged teeth.

Dental disease, along with its proper treatment in pets, is a rapidly emerging field, and its significance to the quality of life of our pets is increasing. Our goal on this page is to provide you with a reliable source of information and help you understand what may be going on in your pet’s mouth. For more information, please click on the topics below. We have also included a section at the bottom of the page with handouts that address frequently encountered dental issues. If you have any questions not addressed on this page, please feel free to give us a call at 770-479-7141.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Dental Treatment

The Significance of Dental and Gum Disease

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Dental/Gum Treatment

Anesthesia and Veterinary Dental Treatment

Common Dental Topics and Treatment

Pet Denistry in Canton


I live about 45 minutes away and pass several other vets but think I'll keep coming here because the care was so spectacular.

- Emily A.